vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Creating retro-looks

I'm from 1972 and sometimes I wish I was born earlier to be more aware of the seventies. The lifestyle, the music and the magnificent retrolooks.
At the secondhand-stores I sometimes find the retro stuff. The prices are variable. I only buy when it's attractive ofcourse!

At a jumble sail I bought these old blue chairs, the retro wallpaper and a green photo album. I remember we had one of those in orange when I was young. Great!

dinsdag 15 februari 2011


Blood red, lime green
Shades of light, a glossy sheen
Lemon yellow, ash gray
Tears spilling, on a black day
Orange sunset, ocean's blue
Green with jealousy, when love isn't true
Purple tulips, white doves
Flying high, in the azure sky above
Nutmeg brown, pastry pink
Throw everything in, but the kitchen sink
Colors of the rainbow, a link
Providing vivid images, that make us think.

Honey, I'm home

We got introduced to the countrymusic by my sister several years ago. She had been to the Calgary Stampede with her friend who's living in Edmonton/ Alberta. Besides only watching the good looking cowboys she told us the atmosphere & the music were great.

We started listening to Nashville FM and the music stole our hearts too. We went to concerts and events. Besides that we even started taking Line Dance-lessons.

Our oldest daughter is playing the steelstring. It's a country- & western guitar with a wonderful sound. It's different than the Spanish guitar. This guitar has besides three steelstings, three plastic strings which gives another sound.


I enjoy listening to her when she's practising on the couch and I'm sitting at the kitchentable. Then I am dreaming away, looking outside, thinking how beautiful live is living on the country.